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What are Pressure Plates?

What are Pressure Plates?
We add pressure plates and filled spacers to many of our splints for one main reason: to increase the surface area at points of pressure on the splint; thus making the splint more comfortable.

To explain this, we can apply pressure to the finger using a narrow object taking note of the discomfort that is felt.

Then, we turn the object so that it is a much wider surface and apply the same amount of pressure... is much more comfortable.

If you look at our rings, you will see that they all have a flattened surface almost like a small flare. We have designed our rings like that to be as comfortable as possible. However, for some cases that small flare is not a large enough surface area so we add a pressure plate.

A pressure plate can be added to any of our splints. Our most common application is for the Realignment Splint on the DIP joint as the distal ring sits right beside the nailbed which can be a sensitive area.

It is for the same reason that we now make all our spacers as filled spacers. We found that with open spacers many people had their skin protruding through the open spacer causing uncomfortable pressure.