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We’ve been busy!

We’ve been busy!
With a record breaking number of splints ordered in the past two months, it very busy here at Digisplint. We have had many clients come into the office for personal fittings, and many new therapists learning the benefits of our splints. This past month we had the luxury of visiting with two therapists (one from British Columbia who stop by while she was on summer holidays!) who came to the office to learn first hand about Digisplint.

We have also been busy publishing new material. Our new information brochure is ready; with all new pictures and showing all our splints, including our Trigger splint and our new Dorsal MCP splint.



Trigger Splint





Dorsal MCP Splint We have had many requests for a Dorsal MCP splint and are happy to finalize a design.

We have also updated our order form. Starting in October 2014 we will have new prices as well. Therapists/Physicians and clinics please contact us if you would like any of this new information for your files.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to request our new brochures.