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Warranty & Returns Policy

Thank you for choosing Digisplint. Today, we have spent some time building your splint/s by hand. Each individual ring has been soldered, sanded and polished to fit the specific finger as ordered and we have done our best to make it to those specifications. No one else has the exact same finger and no one else will be able to wear this splint as effectively as it has been designed for this specific finger.

You will see inside the splint that we have stamped which hand and which finger the splint has been made for. For example R1 or L1= right or left thumb and R5 or L5 = right or left pinky, the rest falling between.

We guarantee the material and craftsmanship of our splints for one year. If it should break or crack within a year because of the silver or because of workmanship, just mail it back to us with instructions to “please repair under warranty” and we will do so as quickly as possible and not even charge for the postage to ship it back.

If the splint does not fit properly when you initially receive it, you can adjust the fit as per the instruction card included in the splint package. If that does not achieve the correct fit then a change needs to be made to the size of the splint. Re-measure the finger and then send the splint back to us and we will build you a new splint at no charge for the first six months after purchase date. We will cover the cost of shipping it back. Due to the custom nature of our splints, we cannot offer a refund on any splint purchased.