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They Are Not Just For Show

They Are Not Just For Show
I first heard about your splints through the Arthritis Society. I had tried the plastic version of the anti swan neck splint but found that they were uncomfortable and very cumbersome, and as a result I spent more time with them off than on. My occupational therapist recommended your splints and after considering that I would need several splints I decided to travel to your workshop in Exeter (a 5 hour trip).

Derek the time we spent together as you measure and produced my splints was amazing. You created 8 anti-swan neck splints and 2 realignment splints in a quick 2 hours that seemed to fly by and we had a great time. Another hour to polish everything up and I was on my way again. But the real magic was yet to come.

I found that the anti-swan neck splints were so comfortable that I have never taken them off (over 5 months now). I find that they have reduced the pain in my hands no matter what I am doing. I do several crafts that are all handwork; I do woodworking; I am always cooking and baking, and very active outside as well. All of these things used to cause pain during the activity when I was unable to stop my fingers from hyper extending, and after the activity was over.

The other amazing thing about the DigiSplints is that everyone thinks that they are custom made jewelry. I am always being asked about my wonderful rings and then I get a chance to tell them about DigiSplints and about the great guy who made them for me. They often have a hard time believing that they are not just for show.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Barbara Irwin