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If you are a therapist looking for more detailed information about our products or if you would like to receive our measuring kit and instructions please call, fax or email Digisplint.

Frequently Asked Questions for Therapists

01. I have a client with unique issues, can you help?
We love to help you help your clients. If there is a unique case, or a special situation please talk to us as we may be able to create a custom design for your client. There is an order form available for special order splints which provides an area for a sketch of each finger. Also, digital pictures, emails and phone calls are extremely valuable for these cases. Special pricing may apply.
02. What if the splint doesn’t fit or is not effective?
For one year after the original purchase date we will resize most splints (Combination Splints have only two free resizes) up to three times for no cost. After the third resize there will be shipping charges applied.In the case of the wrong splint being ordered we will refund the original splint and credit that money to the cost of the correct splint.We will modify any splint (add pressure plates, lateral supports etc) at any time with the cost of new material used and shipping charges.
03. I have to order multiple splints for my client. How will we tell which splint is for which finger?
We ship our splints in individual bags which are labeled with the name of the client, the type of splint, the hand and finger the splint is for, and the size of the splint ordered. This will help the therapist during the initial fitting as well as help us identify the splint when they are sent back for resizing or repairs. We also, during our manufacturing process, stamp each splint on the inside with the hand and finger the splint was ordered for. For example there will be a R2 stamped inside the splint meant for the index finger of the right hand. This will allow the therapist to ensure the correct splint is on the correct finger but also will help the client apply the correct splint after they return home.
04. How do we pay?
The two fastest options are credit card or purchase order. We accept MasterCard and Visa. If paying with credit card we will not ship the order until we receive full payment.We will ship on Purchase Orders providing that we have complete mailing addresses for both the shipping and billing departments. We will mail an invoice for payment with the order to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Alternatively, we will accept money orders that are mailed to us but again, we will not ship the order until full payment is received.
05. My client is on a government support program (like ODSP or social services), what do I do?
For cases of government support we require an approval letter from the government support program which includes as many details as possible. For example, the complete mailing address, client number, case manager.
06. My client has insurance and benefits, what do I do?
We do not bill insurance companies or private benefits. The order will need to be paid before we ship it out. We do provide an invoice which may be sent in to insurance companies for reimbursement.
07. How long before we receive our order?
Our goal is to have each complete order received processed, manufactured, and shipped within five days. Special orders may take longer. Packages should arrived at the shipping address two days after we ship them out using Canada Post’s Xpresspost service, remote areas may take longer for the mail system to deliver to.
08. How do I fill out an order form?
There is room for the client and therapist’s information at the top of the page and room for extra instructions and credit card information at the bottom of the page. Please fill as many of these areas as possible as this helps us keep records accurate. All information gathered is kept private. Credit card information is destroyed once it has been processed.The middle section of the order form has room for the splint type (swan neck, boutonniere etc). In this section also add details like pressure plates and lateral supports. Please indicate which hand (R or L) and which finger (1-5) the splint is for. The area for sizes have three columns – you may only need two columns for the splint you are ordering in which case just leave the third column blank. The third column is used for combination splints or for the size of spacers (for boutonniere or realignment splints).

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