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Thanks Again

Thanks Again
Another great day working with a client right here in my workshop...

Dolly's CMC it pretty much fused but the MCP joint at her thumb has gone into hyper-extension to the point of subluxation. All this fancy talk to say that her thumb is very painful and if we could stabilize it, much of the pain of joint fatigue and tendon fatigue would go away.

Together we made her a sterling silver thumb splint with an expansion bracelet to hold it into place. We also added a palmar support to stop her thumb from collapsing at the MCP. (Same splint as the picture shown)

That was yesterday, today she sent us this note...

"Thanks Derek. I am so glad I went yesterday. I cannot believe the difference 12 hours makes. My splint is amazing. What a difference. I noticed today the usual pain I have in my hand, arm, shoulder & neck is nearly gone. I stopped taking my extra pain meds & so far I don't need them.

I enjoyed our chat. Thanks again. Have an awesome day & stay warm.