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But That Bracelet!

For many years now I have worn a MCP splint on both of my thumbs.  I wear these splints everyday as they prevent further damage to my thumbs and, most importantly, controls the discomfort and pain that my thumbs cause me.  With its simple design, the splint stops the hyperextension of my MCP joint.  For many people the worse part of the splint is the bracelet which is necessary to anchor the splint in place.  Over the years I have trialed three options for this bracelet and all three have pros and cons.



2017-06-29 11.24.27

This bracelet is made of stainless steel and is the one I started with and is the one that is on my splints today.  It is not overly pretty but it is functional and effective.  It is quick and easy to get on and off.  It holds the splint tightly in place while still allowing movement as it expands as I move.  It is the best option for me as I am very active with my hands, working in the garden, kayaking, cooking.  It sits tight against the skin which can become uncomfortable at times and can pinch delicate skin.


2017-06-29 11.26.13

This bracelet is much more dainty, and well, pretty.  It does not sit tight against the skin as it dangles around the wrist.  It is not as effective as the splint has more movement.  I found that I needed to push the splint back into place when I was actively using my hands.   I also found it very difficult to get on and off and often would need to have someone help me.  I was more likely to not put the splint on in the morning as it was difficult to do so.


2017-06-29 16.08.47 2017-06-29 11.25.17

This option is not a bracelet at all but a separate 5mm sterling silver ring.  The splint was anchored firmly in place and allowed me to use my hands as I needed.  It was wonderful not to have anything around my wrist and it felt less obvious when I wore it public.   It was very comfortable most of the time.  My hands have a tendency to swell,  both from hot humid weather and from being active and working hard.  I wore this option on a camping trip earlier this year and with all the biking, hiking, and kayaking I did my hands swelled, the anchor ring became too tight and I could not wear it.


Every person is different and what is best for me may not be best for you.  I will suggest trying the Traditional Bracelet first and if that is not working then look at the Anchor Ring and then finally the Sterling Silver Bracelet.  If you would like to discuss these options please feel free to contact us.



Sandy’s Story

Sandy’s Story

I had a wonderful day earlier this week working with a lady who had driven up to see me in the Digisplint Workshop.  She has a combination of several issues including Ehlers Danlos combined with Osteo Arthritis.  The biggest issues are with the thumbs…  while looking for something that will stop hyper-extension of the MCP joint of the thumb (the chicken leg), we were also looking to create extra support with a little downward pressure on that same joint.

It took a little bit of “McGuivering”, but we were able to come up with a unique Thumb MCP Splint that did just the trick.

Fortunately her husband is a photographer and was enjoying himself as well in my small workshop, just snapping away!

Here are some of the photo’s and Sandra also commented on our Face book page… “Thank you for the beautiful MPC thumb splint. Awesome custom and artistic work. I’m so happy to have physical support that is not ugly or dirty.

IMG_2158    IMG_2171   IMG_2181   IMG_2211