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We Cannot Fix It But We Can Slow It Down

Our goal at Digisplint is not always to “fix” the joints that are deviating from Arthritis, but to slow down or even STOP the progression of deviation caused by Arthritis.  There has been no visual changes in these fingers since she started wearing our splints.  There is 5 years difference between these pictures.



First we deal with joint pain and support… then we work on slowing down or stopping deviations.
We have clients that come from coast to coast to see us directly here in Exeter, Ontario. After 20 years of building custom finger splint, I know we can help you too. Call us at 1-888-775-4687 to book an appointment today!


Lateral Supports!

Lateral Supports!

Hey Derek,

I hope you are well. Just wanted to update you about my fingers. The lateral supports are just amazing!! I can put more pressure on my fingers and when my fingers are more bent I still have lots of support. I’ve had to re shape the rings a few times with a mandrel because I’ve been kind of hard on them, but that’s no problem. So far I’ve stripped paint off 4 car body panels, dug up and back filled a septic system weeping bed, snaked the weeping bed, packed a whole house, couple oil changes including one on a boat, disassembled a metal frame pool, helped lift a dock, and the list goes on.

I’ve even had a bit more success trying to play guitar again. Only downside is sometimes I get stuck trying to put a knitted sweater on.

So! All in all, I just love them so much. I’m very glad I got them on every finger.

Thanks so much again.