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Trigger Finger Splint

The Trigger Finger Splint is used to treat Trigger Finger; a common condition associated with Osteo Arthritis where the finger “locks” into a bent position.

Trigger Finger Splint

Trigger Finger Splint
The Trigger Finger Splint is used when the finger “locks” into a position during the flexion/contracting motion of the finger. This splint will limit the movement of the finger in such a way that the finger will avoid the locking position.

The goal of the trigger splint is to not allow your finger to get into a position that will cause it to lock for an extended period of time. During that time, the pocket in which the nodule on your tendon gets stuck will become less irritated and will shrink so that eventually, the nodule will no longer get stuck in the pocket.

We suggest that for a minimum of 2 weeks wear the splint all day and all night. After 2 weeks wear only at night until the finger no longer locks. The splint will be able to be worn only as needed once locking has stopped.

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