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Buddy Ring Splint

Commonly used to buddy up a “drifting finger” to a stronger finger and is highly effective in stabilizing the MCP joints of the fingers.

Buddy Ring Splint

Buddy Ring Splint R4-R5
The DS Buddy Ring Splints are used for a “drifting Finger or to have a stronger finger support a weaker finger by buddying up to the stronger finger. They are also highly effective in stabilizing the MCP joints of the fingers in cases of EDS or hypermobility. They also help in cases of hand trauma or post surgically in the case of tendon transfers.

This splint is not very effective in the case of ulnar drift where all four fingers drift, or angle away from the thumb like in the case of Rheumatoid or Osteo Arthritis.

The DS Buddy Ring splints can be made up of two rings, three rings, and up to four rings where the rings are positioned between the PIP joint and the MCP joints.

They are made using 5mm wide rings in sterling silver or 10 karat yellow gold.

It is helpful for us to know what kind of offset is needed for the rings before we manufacture the splint. The amount of offset, either 1/2, or full, depends on how the web spacing of the finger is situated. If you look at your pinky and ring finger, you will see that the position of where the ring sits on your pinky is different than where it will sit on your ring finger. This is the offset.

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