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Sandy’s Story

Sandy’s Story
I had a wonderful day earlier this week working with a lady who had driven up to see me in the Digisplint Workshop. She has a combination of several issues including Ehlers Danlos combined with Osteo Arthritis. The biggest issues are with the thumbs… while looking for something that will stop hyper-extension of the MCP joint of the thumb (the chicken leg), we were also looking to create extra support with a little downward pressure on that same joint.

It took a little bit of “McGuivering”, but we were able to come up with a unique Thumb MCP Splint that did just the trick.

Fortunately her husband is a photographer and was enjoying himself as well in my small workshop, just snapping away!

Here are some of the photo’s and Sandra also commented on our Face book page… “Thank you for the beautiful MPC thumb splint. Awesome custom and artistic work. I'm so happy to have physical support that is not ugly or dirty.

IMG_2158 IMG_2171 IMG_2181 IMG_2211