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Lateral Supports!

Lateral Supports!

Hey Derek,

I hope you are well. Just wanted to update you about my fingers. The lateral supports are just amazing!! I can put more pressure on my fingers and when my fingers are more bent I still have lots of support. I’ve had to re shape the rings a few times with a mandrel because I’ve been kind of hard on them, but that’s no problem. So far I’ve stripped paint off 4 car body panels, dug up and back filled a septic system weeping bed, snaked the weeping bed, packed a whole house, couple oil changes including one on a boat, disassembled a metal frame pool, helped lift a dock, and the list goes on.

I’ve even had a bit more success trying to play guitar again. Only downside is sometimes I get stuck trying to put a knitted sweater on.

So! All in all, I just love them so much. I’m very glad I got them on every finger.

Thanks so much again.




Playing Painfree

Usually our clients will allow us to write a bit about their story for our website but it is so much better to hear their story in their own words. This client went above and beyond our simple request to and made a short video. We are so happy to be able to help.


We’ve been busy!

With a record breaking number of splints ordered in the past two months,  it very busy here at Digisplint.  We have had many clients come into the office for personal fittings, and  many new therapists learning the benefits of our splints.   This past month we had the luxury of visiting with two therapists (one  from British Columbia who stop by while she was on summer holidays!) who came to the office to learn first hand about Digisplint.

We have also been busy publishing new material.  Our new information brochure is ready; with all new pictures and showing all our splints, including our Trigger splint and our new Dorsal MCP splint.



Trigger Splint





Dorsal MCP Splint  We have had many requests for a Dorsal MCP splint and are happy to finalize a design.


We have also updated our order form.  Starting in October 2014 we will have new prices as well.  Therapists/Physicians and clinics please contact us if you would like any of this new information for your files.  

Feel free to contact us for more information or to request our new brochures.


They Are Not Just For Show

They Are Not Just For Show

I first heard about your splints through the Arthritis Society. I had tried the plastic version of the anti swan neck splint but found that they were uncomfortable and very cumbersome, and as a result I spent more time with them off than on.  My occupational therapist recommended your splints and after considering that I would need several splints I decided to travel to your workshop in Exeter (a 5 hour trip).

 Derek the time we spent together as you measure and produced my splints was amazing. You created 8 anti-swan neck splints and 2 realignment splints in a quick 2 hours that seemed to fly by and we had a great time. Another hour to polish everything up and I was on my way again. But the real magic was yet to come.

I found that the anti-swan neck splints were so comfortable that I have never taken them off (over 5 months now). I find that they have reduced the pain in my hands no matter what I am doing. I do several crafts that are all handwork; I do woodworking; I am always cooking and baking, and very active outside as well. All of these things used to cause pain during the activity when I was unable to stop my fingers from hyper extending, and after the activity was over.

 The other amazing thing about the DigiSplints is that everyone thinks that they are custom made jewelry. I am always being asked about my wonderful rings and then I get a chance to tell them about DigiSplints and about the great guy who made them for me. They often have a hard time believing that they are not just for show.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

 Barbara Irwin


They’re Awesome

They’re Awesome

IMGP6013     IMGP6012In September of 2012 I was diagnosed with Lupus and later my diagnosis was changed to Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD).  MCTD is a combination of Scleroderma, Lupus and Polymyocitis.   My first symptoms were pain and stiffness in the small joints of my hands.  I am a physiotherapist and mother of two small children so I needed to be able to use my hands at every moment of the day.  I was also very concerned about damaging the joints at such a young age and having to live with permanently deformed and painful hands.  My physiotherapist suggested I contact Derek at Digisplint and see what he could do.  He made my first splint that summer and though the X-ray says that joint looks bad I have no pain at all.  The splint is made from sterling silver so I can also wear it all day at work in the hospital and wash my hands (probably 20 times a day) without ruining the splint or concern for spread of infection.  The splint for my right index finger immediately gave me pain relief and helps with the overall function of my hand.  I love that the splints are durable and easy to clean but they are also comfortable and ‘pretty’.  I get comments on my ‘funky’ jewellery all of the time.  Thanks Derek for making my everyday tasks so much safer

 Thanks for sending the splints out so quick!  They’re awesome!