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  1. I live in Penticton BC. My left thumb and right small finger need to be stabilized. Your product looks like I would be able to work as a hair stylist with. Can you tell me where I could go to have this made for me.

    Del Nelson

    • Hi Del, I just finished shipping a splint order to Penticton. We have a few hair stylists who use our splints, as many stylists find that scissor work can be taxing on thumbs especially. The therapist who ordered the splint is Shona who works at the Penticton Mary Pack Arthritis Program. I am not sure if they require a referral from your doctor but it would be worth a call. There is a clinic in Kelowna (Kelowna Physiotherapy Clinic) that you could call as well. YOu should be able to get an appointment there without any trouble. The therapist there is Linda and her number is 250-860-2854.

      Hope that helps!

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