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Lateral Supports!

Lateral Supports!
Hey Derek,

I hope you are well. Just wanted to update you about my fingers. The lateral supports are just amazing!! I can put more pressure on my fingers and when my fingers are more bent I still have lots of support. I've had to re shape the rings a few times with a mandrel because I've been kind of hard on them, but that's no problem. So far I've stripped paint off 4 car body panels, dug up and back filled a septic system weeping bed, snaked the weeping bed, packed a whole house, couple oil changes including one on a boat, disassembled a metal frame pool, helped lift a dock, and the list goes on.

I've even had a bit more success trying to play guitar again. Only downside is sometimes I get stuck trying to put a knitted sweater on.

So! All in all, I just love them so much. I'm very glad I got them on every finger.

Thanks so much again.