Are Digisplints covered by insurance?

Each insurance health plan is different, Please check with your insurance plan to see if your plan will cover our splints.

What do I do if my splint requires repair?

Return your splint to us with a description of the problem as well as your name, address and telephone number. Package it carefully (preferably in its original box) and send it to our mailing address. We’ll only charge for shipping (except where the splint was damaged due to neglect or misuse).

Are Digisplints guaranteed?

Yes. We offer a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. As well, every Digisplint splint (excluding used, damaged, or special order splints) is returnable for exchange or a 50% refund upon consultation with your therapist.

How will I know which type of splint I require?

Your physician or therapist has the training and experience to choose the correct type of splint, measure for the best fit, and provide the proper follow-up care for you.

Why would I need to adjust my Digisplint?

As you experience slight changes in your finger size due to swelling, you can tighten or loosen the splint to accommodate your needs. You can also improve function by allowing or blocking varying degrees of flexion.

What’s the advantage of Digisplints over regular splints?

Digisplints are long lasting (because they are made of sterling silver or 10 karat gold), are easily adjustable, provide a comfortable fit and have an attractive appearance. They’re hypoallergenic, hygienically superior and can be worn for all activities.

What do Digisplints do?

Digisplints can improve hand function, prevent or correct deformities, and normalize the appearance of the hand. They can also relieve chronic pain, promote healing, provide post-surgical stabilization, or alleviate the need for costly hand surgery.