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Betty’s Story

Betty’s Story
When Betty came into our office the first time her DIP (joint closest to her fingernail) was severely enflamed and sore to the touch. Everyday tasks would be painful to do not only with using the joint but also every time she touched something with her finger it gave her a shot of pain. After hearing about Digisplint at a local support group she decided to give it a try. She was fitted with a realignment splint with a pressure plate and filled spacer (like the one pictured here).

Betty returned today, 4 months after purchasing her splint, because her splint was not fitting properly anymore. The splint needed to be resized because the swelling had gone down so much it was too big! But that was not the most exciting thing, she has no more pain! She can now continue her day to day activities without pain and will continue to wear the splint to control anymore flare-ups with her arthritis.