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Be Pro-Active

Be Pro-Active
011Donna made an appointment with us to be seen today. A friend of hers wears a few of our splints for control of Osteo Arthritis and she was wondering what can be done for her deviating middle finger.

Donna was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago and fortunately for her was able to keep it under control with medications. Another classic example of being pro-active as opposed to re-active.

I showed her that if we can keep a constant amount of passive pressure on three points around her deviating joint, we should be able to stop the progression of deviation that occurs. I have pictures of RA clients from when they first came to see us to five years later and there is no progression of deviation. Our goal in this case is not to correct the deviation as much as slow down, or stop the progression of deviation.

Donna and I sat together in my workshop today for about an hour and she was able to leave with a really good fitting splint.