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About Digisplint

If you, or someone you know, has to wear a splint every day for the rest of your life to slow down or stop the progression of deviation caused by Arthritis, or any other affliction that affects the movement of your fingers, or that causes pain to your fingers or that causes hyper mobility of the finger joints, then you will be excited by what you’re about to see.

We manufacture finger splints that do not even look like splints. They are effective, beautiful, practical, and durable since they are made of sterling silver or 10 karat yellow gold. They are not in any way bulky or unattractive. They do not draw unnecessary attention to your hands like the thermal plastic splints offered through Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Clients love our splints and wear them every day. Therapist love our splints because compliance is no longer an issue and their clients enjoy wearing the splints that are needed to make a difference in their lives.

Take a look and decide for yourself…


Our Vision is “to set the standard in custom finger splint therapy, to break the barrier between the therapist and client for compliance in splint therapy and to be the number one choice for custom made splints.”

A lot to ask for? Not really. Our dedication to helping those affected by finger deformities is being proven day after day. Our encouragement comes from clients who wear our splints every day and from the therapists that prescribe them. Our desire comes from the heart.


“DIGISPLINT Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to improve the hand function of those affected by finger deformities and disease.”

A call was heard from hand therapists for an alternative to custom made finger splints for people with long term finger disabilities and we at Digisplint were more than happy to respond.

We’re here for you. Call us at 1-888-775-4687 or request an appointment online.

Happy clients talk about us

B.M. , Satisfied Digisplint User

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Ring Splint that you made for me in December of 2012. I wear it all the time because it is very comfortable. In the past month I have been back at the gym using weights and doing

C.S. , Satisfied Digisplint User

My name is Cheryle Seguin and I am a huge fan of your products. After reading up on your company on your web site, I thought I would take a minute to congratulate you and thank you for your fantastic work. I am a 26 year old graduate student who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 16.

Anonymous, A Satisfied Digisplint User

Thanks for the nice work on Marie Tobin’s splint. I fitted it today–she will try it out for a week and call me with her comments. She was very pleased with it today–and it seemed to fit well–after I figured some photos of her using splint—there is on without splint to show the difference!

Anonymous, A Satisfied Digisplint User

Derek sorry it took so long… I don’t like my hands very much and I must admit I found it difficult to take pictures… (feeling mortal)…. Anyway I hope they are ok….

Deanna Krushinsky

I just wanted to say thank you! When I heard I needed finger splints, my heart sank. I envisioned plastic ugly and bulky splints with velcro. Was I ever surprised to see your beautiful splints.

Janis Tymofichuk

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my swan neck splint. I wear it all of the time. I have had many comments on it saying how nice it is, and how they would like to get one.

Tamara Andrews

Splints arrived in my mailbox today and they are all a perfect fit. Super comfortable and do exactly what they are meant to do whilst being a rather attractive new accessory. Thanks so much !!

Sandy McGinn

Thank you for the beautiful MPC thumb splint. Awesome custom and artistic work. I’m so happy to have physical support that is not ugly or dirty.