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Thank You!

Thank You!

Due to a severe hand crushing accident, I was required to wear a splint on two of my fingers to keep them from going into hyper-extension.

At the hospital, the rings designed by the Physiotherapy Department were very bulky and cumbersome to work around. The Head of the Department had mentioned to me that I should go to Derek at Digisplint to have ring-splints made, and I’m glad I did!

After my hand shrunk to a final size and several attempts to have the correct ring sizes, I am pleased to say that I am wearing my Digisplints 24/7 – and they do a marvelous job of stabilizing my fingers and preventing them from hyper-extending.

Recently, after damaging one of my splints, I had to go back to see Derek for a repair,  at which time he strengthened the splint by putting two bars on either side of the joining spot. Because he stabilized my knuckle, I no longer have lateral shifting in my ring knuckle – which I didn’t even realize until the knuckle-shift was no longer there!

Thank you Derek! Keep up the great work. I recommend you to anyone I know who has any type of finger issues that could be solved by your wonderful products!


Update for Hereditary Neuropathy

IMG_0021  From this….to this    DSCF0056

Several weeks ago, Helen came to us with Hereditary Neuropathy with the goal of keeping her index finger in extension to be able to grip her cane better.

We came up with a Boutonniere Splint to create extension and it worked very well, except for the fact that because Helen has no feeling in her fingers, pressure sores started to develop and we had to “rethink” the way we need to keep her finger in extension.
When Helen revisited us, we completely rebuilt her splint with much wider surface areas and now the splint is working the way it should.

It is such a pleasure to work with Helen.  To be able to come up with an effective device for her was such a benefit to both Helen and myself.  Helen is such an inspiration by again proving that if it not impossible… than it can be done!